Abandoning the Apoc-Eclipse!

New maps spread out on the bed in our adopted small town this morning, one of us read hike descriptions aloud from a book while the other followed along on the map. Stoic and I are leaving on our first long backpacking trip together in two weeks and planning it all over again. You see, the upcoming eclipse has kicked us out of Oregon.

Incidentally, we were going to be in the path of totality. Since the predicted crowds spilling over into the back country have grown along with the wildfires, we’ve decided to skip the double trouble and abandon our last-night-out cabin reservation.

So what will it be? Goat Rocks? Mount Adams? Indian Heaven? Those were the three main contenders of the morning. Mount Rainier requires advance permits and we’d rather do St. Helens in spring or fall. Our beloved Mt. Hood is still too close to the action. We chose trailheads and pieced loops together, logged mileage and added up elevation. We are leaning toward the mountain and looking forward to rising up to meet it. I can’t wait to say hello…



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