Kitchen Adventure

Not all adventures are fun. I spent most of the past month demolishing my kitchen by degrees until there was nothing left but the refrigerator. It wasn’t pretty. I’ll spare you the discovery of a mouse condo under the sink cabinet.


Then, over the course of two days, it became not only habitable again, but almost a thing of beauty. I say almost because, after all, it is still just a kitchen. A little tile trim and some paint to go. Phew!


After the new range went in, the kids and I even had a little dance and bake party in there, complete with rainbow lava lamps! The funds for this project were a gift, and we will only be about $500 out of pocket after completion.

I am happy with the quality, and thankful that the hard parts are over, but I am still working on relieving all the stress. The pressure is escaping a little at a time like steam, and I have been struggling to open that valve the rest of the way.

A day out with Stoic helped. We drove along the Clackamas River for most of a day, and it felt so good to be be going away, away, away. But I didn’t move my body enough, and I kicked myself for it later. Just when we were heading home, he indulged me with a late afternoon hike and dip in the river when I realized too late how much I needed to get out from behind the wheel. The waters are such a balm for my soul, and my sasquatch a solid touchstone for my heart.




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